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Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair

Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair

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Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair is a special, one of a kind, jogger. Normally we do think of these kinds of jogger strollers as for babies only. That’s why the title of our site includes Baby Jogger, but it has to be noted that there are times when a larger child or even an adult needs to ride in one of these joggers so that the parent or carer can take them along when they go out exercising. Advance Mobility has produced a large size jogger for that very reason. There are a number of people who do care for a disabled child who is beyond the baby stage in life, and may even be adult now, who require a large size jogger. This jogger, push chair, stroller is designed and made to meet that need. When it comes to baby jogger performance when the jogger needs to push a large load the Freedom Push Chair can’t be beaten.

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A Quick Overview

A quick overview of the features of the Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair

  • it is fitted with large 16″ wheels, two at the back and one at the front
  • the wheels are a quick release design
  • the push bar has been ergonomically designed making the stroller comfortable to use
  • a handbrake is fitted for maximum control when stopping or going up or down hills
  • it is also fitted with a sun canopy that can be set in various positions
  • there are clear view windows in the canopy along with side ventilation panels for maximum rider comfort
  • the push chair can carry a person weighing up to 200lbs


The wheels on the Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair are large, 16″ to be precise. The large size of the wheels make this push chair very easy to push even over uneven terrain. Users have found this to be true even when the occupant is qhite large. The large wheel size gives users the freedom to take the stroller with them where they couldn’t go with one that has smaller sized wheels. The wheels have very secure locking pins so the wheels only come off when you want them to.


The whole push chair is easily folded up into a compact size. This makes it possible to not only get it into a normal sized family car. Users say that they have the freedom with this push chair to ride in taxis and take public transport. This may be a concern for you if visiting specialists is something you need to do for your dependents health and well-being.

Pushing Comfort

The ergonomic handle bar on the Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair makes pushing easy with very little discomfort. Some users say however it does take sometime to get used to the fixed front wheel when it comes to turning especially when a tight turning radius is required. Fixed wheels are however the best option for keeping the push chair straight and on track.


All baby joggers really need to have some storage capacity as these are not only used when the parent or carer is wanting to jog for exercise but also when they go shopping. These are times that the under seat storage comes in handy. The storage unit is basket suspended under the seat.


The stroller is great for outdoor activity, is well built and handles many different kinds of terrain. The large wheels make it a breeze to keep steady and on course while jogging.


Because of its size it may not be the best choice when going shopping in space challenged shopping malls and it is not as maneuverable as other models with a swiveling front wheel.

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