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Phil&Teds Sub 4 Jogger

Phil&Teds Sub 4 Jogger

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Phil & Teds Sub 4 (World’s Fastest) Jogger is a new baby jogger that has come on the market that is proving to be a cut above all the competition when it comes to those who are involved in more serious running. It is a premium quality running stroller with 3 wheels that gives the user maximum control. The over sized wheels drastically reduce roll resistance. Anyone who has done any cycling for exercise, sport or competition knows that there is a big difference between a cruise bike and a bike designed for high performance. The Sub 4 running stroller is the high performance model in the baby stroller market. Until now there has not been a stroller dedicated to this section of the market.

One user, Deena Kastor (a US women’s marathon record holder) says: “The “The Sub 4 stroller is everything we want in a stroller as its simple, streamlined and light.”

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phil and ted's sub4 in action






A Quick Overview

A quick overview of the features of the Phil&Teds Sub 4 Jogger

  • engineered for speed and uncompromised performance
  • geometric design for unparalleled stride length
  • unique one hand control for sound running posture
  • fully adjustable handle height
  • motion control hub at center of frame configuration
  • 20″ rear wheels with pneumatic (air-filled) tires to reduce roll resistance
  • complete impact absorption – full suspension & torsion control bars for responsive frame flex
  • state of the art aerocore seat technology*
  • five point safety harness
  • maximum load of 44 lbs/20 kgs
  • one hand dual disk brakes for speed control & park
  • full sun-hood ensuring maximum coverage

Wheels & Brakes

As already mentioned the Sub 4 Running Stroller has larger than normal wheels with it’s 20″ (rear) and 16″ (front) air-filled wheels it has the largest wheels of any baby jogger currently on the market. The large wheels coupled with and the long wheel base it is engineered for speed and uncompromising performance. The large wheels and low roll resistance mean the stroller can really get up there in terms of speed but Phil and Ted have not forgotten to take stopping efficiency and safety into account as they have provided one hand dual disk brakes for fantastic speed control and park braking.

Folding & Storage

While the whole jogger can be folded up it does take a little bit more time than a smaller type of baby jogger. The reason for this is that the wheels need to be removed but this is made easy with quick release technology. The seat and handle bar are also quick release and detach from the frame. The Sub 4 therefore ends up being a set of three components for transportation – the wheels, the seat and handle bar, and finally the frame itself.

Pushing Comfort

The ergonomic handle bar on the Sub 4 Running Stroller is ergonomically designed, fully adjustable handle bar combined with a motion control hub combined to give the runner an almost perfect running posture (perfect can really only be achieved by a runner doing their training solo, that is: not running and pushing a stroller at the same time.) In addition we can also say that the ride for the passenger in the Sub 4 stroller is super comfortable also. The reason is the stroller has full suspension with torsion control bars which provides a flex frame that insures great handling and cornering. The child seat itself is also well designed and is made from a patented durable aerocore material which is lightweight, is cushioning and supportive. The child seat is fully adjustable with a 5 point harness.


The Sub 4 Running Stroller is made for speed. It is lean and long with a simplicity of design that adds to its appeal and how good it is at its intended purpose. The design is simple and though designed primarily for function it is also beautiful. It is a rugged stroller ready to hit the streets at speed, is easy to control (single-handedly) and keeps the passenger safe and secure (and happy) at all times.


Because of its size it may not be the best choice when going shopping in space challenged shopping malls and it is not as maneuverable as other models with a swiveling front wheel.

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Sub4 Jetpack: Don’t let the weather slow you down. The sub4 jet pack includes your sun & storm cover to protect your kid on the run.

Short video overview of the Sub4 Running Stroller.

Consumer Comments

light and actually fun – I kid you not!…..    The problem when running with a push chair is all the extra energy you spend pushing the heavy object in front of you. You seem to not be able to run your normal distance due to all the extra weight you are pushing and the ease of the push chair. Well I have just had a turn with the new Phil and Ted’s sub 4, the king of running push chairs. To look at, you will notice it is wider and longer than the average push chair and has large wheels. The capsule the baby/ child sits in is aerodynamic. When running, it is actually FUN! Yes I did use the fun word as it is easy. The sub 4 is light and very mobile. It doesn’t hinder your running like other pushchairs can. I tried it out on my nine month old baby, who seemed to love it. I watched him lift his legs up and down to catch the Wellington gale. I also ran with my three year old daughter who chatted away and reported on all the things she could see and feel, loving the bumpy parts where the roots are overtaking the footpath. So thank you Phil and Ted’s, I would highly recommend the sub 4 as a healthy addition to your buggy range.
Everything we want in a stroller…..   The Sub 4 stroller is everything we want in a stroller as its simple, streamlined and light. My most cherished time with my daughter is simply taking her out to enjoy nature. She’s seen a lot of our beautiful surroundings zooming past as she exclaims “Oooooh!” I’
sub 4…..    I have covered about 200km on and off with the sub4 and when it’s working I love it. It’s sleek, fast, and my 2 year old son Salinger seems to really enjoy it. He is always asking to go for runs and loves putting on his special running shoes in preparation.